Types Of Nigerian Praise And Worship Music

November 14, 2017

There are different types of music genres. The genres vary from country to country. You will even find out that the beat and the beat and the rhythm is different from one country to another. African music especially is very different from other types of music. African music is majorly characterized by the use of traditional music instruments. You will find the use of drums made of skin. The beat is also very different from the beats in the western world. It is very enjoyable. Nigerian music, for example, is a good key point. Nigerian musicians produce good quality music. They are known worldwide and have bagged several awards. The music industry in that country is well developed. Talents are searched for and nurtured in young upcoming musicians. The gospel industry, for instance, is doing well. There are a lot of gospel music artists in the country. The Christian faith uses praise and worship music in their sermons. The songs are meant to uplift up people and also to praise God. There are different types of gospel music.

In Nigeria, you will find that gospel music is divided into different categories. The songs are divided according to the occasions that they are sung. Different occasions have different songs. For instance, there are family praise and worship songs. These are songs that are commonly found in most Christian houses. For the staunch Christian families, such songs are sung during family fellowship sermons. They are meant to praise God and to give thanks to the almighty. The songs are usually followed by prayers of thanks and asking God for guidance and protection for the family.  You will also note that such songs are very popular with children. The children are taught these songs in Sunday school sessions. Check this link to know more!

On most Nigerian wedding festivals, marriage praise songs are sung. These songs usually have a faster tempo and they are supposed to give thanks to God for the blessing of marriage. They are also used to celebrate the nuptials. The songs are sung during both traditional and church wedding ceremonies. Closely related to this are the thanksgiving praise songs. Get the Latest Nigerian Music here!

The main purpose of these songs is to give thanks and show appreciation. In Nigeria, there are quite a number of thanksgiving ceremonies. For instance, the birth of a baby is usually followed by a thanksgiving ceremony. The songs are sung in these ceremonies.  They can also be sung in church when people are giving tithes and offerings to God. For more facts and information about music, go to

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